About Zemanta

Zemanta API is state of the art in text analysis.

For any input text you get entities, related images, articles, hyperlinks, and tags to use to your liking.

Start building

It's easy. Just three steps:

  1. Create developer account
  2. Obtain API key
  3. Get sample code

Zemanta API

Zemanta API allows application developers to query the Zemanta engine for contextual information about the text that users enter.

Getting started

First create an account so you can obtain an API key.

You will need the API key for doing requests to Zemanta API. Your daily limit is set at 1.000 calls per day. Send us an email to support@zemanta.com to make it 10.000 calls per day.

Calling the API

The end point of the API call is:


Remember that you have to use HTTP POST request when querying Zemanta.

API methods

Supported methods:

JavaScript SDK

You can also use our JavaScript SDK built on top of our API to provide your users with a full WYSIWYG interface to our recommendations.

Zemanta API companion

For an in-depth understanding of Zemanta technologies you should read the Zemanta API companion (Updated January 2011):