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Zemanta API is state of the art in text analysis.

For any input text you get entities, related images, articles, hyperlinks, and tags to use to your liking.

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After you create an account, please continue to obtain an API key.

API News

7th January 2011 -- We've added some new parameters to our responses. Among others you can find "relevance" for links (we used to do just "confidence") and "entity_type" to determine which kind of entity it is (a person, book, place...)

For details in changes between versions, check Zemanta API Changelog

You want to integrate Zemanta in your custom CMS? Here's how: Zemanta Javascript SDK!

Easy SDK

Here's what one developer had to say:

We fell in love with Zemanta as soon as we laid eyes on it, and after a chat with their team we found that their SDK was so easy to use that we had a prototype Joomla! plugin in just a couple of hours. Now Joomla! users can quickly and easily add related articles, rich media, in-text links and semantic tags to their blog posts with just a few clicks.

- Daniel Chapman, NinjaForge.com

Featured application

ViewChange video player is a digital media hub that highlights progress in reducing hunger, poverty, and disease in developing nations.

ViewChange uses Zemanta's API to automatically tie in content together in a meaningful browsing experience. On top of results returned by the Zemanta API there is an editorial process in place.

More info about how LinkTV built the ViewChange player can be found on this blog.